Wealth ProtectionManagement

Wealth Protection Management FZ LLC is a well-established marketing and technologies service company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

We offer a wide range of services, such as market analysis and markets reports, tech innovation solutions based on AI.

Marketing and Technology provider and partner

About Us

Our professional Management team also provides structural guidance, design marketing and communication support plans, asses the understanding of consumers and generate consumer insights.

Wealth Protection Management FZ LLC can provide you complete assistance every step of the way, from define the brand equity and architecture to expanding an existing one in Dubai and in the UAE. Our professional team with diverse backgrounds proposes solutions tailored to each client to support their international growth and implement effective wealth management.

We will help you to access the competition, formulate a business plan, develop a pricing strategy, draft an overall go-to-market plan, advice on the specific brand- or marketing-related issues upon request, advice on tech and blockchain and AI products upon request.

We are successful if our clients are successful. This is the main principle of Wealth Protection Management FZ LLC. We dedicate ourselves to providing best-quality service and best support to our clients.

Listen to our clients

The client is the main focus for us. We can find the best solutions eventually if we fully understand your business needs.

Win win

Conduct businesses by which we can build a win-win relationship with every one of our clients, business partners, officers and employees, and shareholders.


We deal with our clients with absolute responsibility. Businesses without responsibility give troubles to various people including our clients, business partners, and his/her own team members.

Exceptional client service

1)We focus on the customer.
2) We are field and client driven; we operate at the local level
3) We build strong trust, investing for the long term, to serve our clients

Flexibility and efficiency

The ability to respond promptly and effectively to changes of a volatile market, to predict its development and to optimize our workflow continuously guaranteeing the achievement of tactical and strategic objectives. Our goal is to reach or exceed the set plans.

Business Ethics

We are convinced that business ethics is an integral component of an economic progress of the society. Atlantic Global Consultancy understands this and always adheres to the standards of business ethics in its daily practice.

Great Team

We build teamwork, loyalty and morale. In our work we are guided by the above principles and each of them helps shape our competitive advantage.

Wealth Protection Management


  • Market analysis and markets reports
  • Tech innovation solutions based on AI
  • Assessing the competition
  • Asses the understanding of consumers and generate consumer insights
  • Define the brand equity and architecture
  • Formulate a business plan
  • Design marketing and communication support plans
  • Develop a pricing strategy
  • Draft an overall go-to-market plan
  • Advising specific brand- or marketing-related issues upon request
  • Advising on tech and blockchain and AI products upon request


WHY Wealth Protection Management?

Our personalized approach to each client led us to put together a highly qualified team with different cultural, ethnic and professional backgrounds. We also take into account the importance of being able to get your message across accurately. That is why our professionals speak English, Greek, Arabic, German, French, Norwegian, Italian and Russian.

Wealth Protection Management FZ LLC is the preferred partner when considering establishment of your business in that fast growing and professional environment of UAE.

We are always ready to travel and meet our clients in person and discuss matters in a personalized fashion. This approach allows us to address unique business goals of each client. We stay up to date in all matters regarding the services we provide and inform our clients of any news and amendments in all the jurisdictions that we cover.

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Fujairah - Creative Tower, P.O.Box 4422, Fujairah, UAE.

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